The Peace Angels Project on the Wings of Change

The River Route Edu-Tainment Complex will host the Nation's Memorial to some
600,000+  children across the United States that have been killed by illegal guns.

Featuring a famous Lin Evola
- Peace Angel Sculpture and Wall Of Names


Peace Angel sculptures, created by acclaimed artist, Lin Evola, will be strategically placed in 13 sites of conflict throughout the world. Each sculpture will be approximately 20 feet high, standing atop a 10 foot base to create a 30 foot monument. They will be cast in a mixture of stainless steel and titanium from decommissioned nuclear missile casings and lower grade metal from surrendered street weapons.

Media broadcasts and public service announcements will galvanize the public to take action in their communities. Government and community programs will act as catalysts to retrieve weapons.

Peace Angel sites in process: Los Angeles | Jerusalem | Johannesburg | Chiapas | New York

  Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
The Los Angeles Peace Angel, "La Rama de Olivos de Los Angeles" (the Olive Branch of Los Angeles) will symbolize the 123 languages, 85 communities and 12 nationalities throughout the metropolitan Los Angeles area. The Peace Angels Project Los Angeles has received the endorsement of the Mayor of Los Angeles, the Cultural Affairs Department of the City of Los Angeles, the Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles, the Mayor's Commission for Children, Youth and Their Families, as well as the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and the Los Angeles Police Department.

Chaminade College Preparatory will be a visible presence in establishing a "Year of Peace" in Los Angeles. This goal will be to create patrnerships with other like-minded organizations, such as Crossroads School and the Pacific Lodge Youth Services, in establishing the Los Angeles Peace Angels for the children of Los Angeles.

Bille Weiss, Lin Evola,
Yoland Trevino, and Sassha Lambert

Jerusalem, Israel
The Seeds of Peace Foundation on The Mount of Olives is the chosen site for the Jerusalem Peace Angel. John Wallach, the President and Founder of Seeds of Peace, has formed an organization that brings together youth from throughout the Middle East to build peace through interpersonal relationships.

On June 10, 1999, Queen Noor al Hussein of Jordan graciously accepted a 1 foot Jerusalem Peace Angel.

The retrieval of weapons will begin shortly to create the 20 foot Jerusalem Peace Angel, targeted for the end of 2000.

  Johannesburg, South Africa
The Peace Angels project, in association with the South African Nobel Laureate Memorial Peace Park/Wilgespruit Fellowship Center, will dedicate the "Spirit of Africa." Archbishop Emeritus Desmond M. Tutu has personally invited Lin Evola to create the "Spirit of Africa" in Johannesburg as a symbol of peace for the continent of Africa. South Africa's Nobel Peace Laureates, including former President Nelson Mandela, former President F.W. DeKlerk, and Chief Albert John Lutuli's family, have joined Archbishop Tutu in this invitation.

There are over 4 million street weapons in South Africa. The Peace Angels project was approached in 1997 to establish a program to get the weapons off the streets to create this inspiring presence of peace. The Peace Angels project will establish public service announcements to empower civilians to surrender weapons. The Wilgespruit Fellowship Center, Gun Free South Africa and the South African police services will participate in the collection of weapons. Nuclear missile casings will be donated from South Africa as well as from the United States.

Chiapas, Mexico
In 1996, Lin Evola, the artist, traveled to Mexico at the invitation of Bishop Ruiz Garcia, to meet with national and local political leaders. Discussion with the Zapatistas, the Conai (elders from the community), the "Cocopa" (Mexican Congress), and the Generalisimo of the Mexican Army at the Chiapas Peace Talks resulted in permission to create the Mexico Peace Angel
New York, U.S.A.

The Peace Angels project in New York is designed through a unique public/private partnership that links young community artists with business and broader economic development initiatives. The New York City Renaissance Peace Angel will represent all nationalities residing in this manificent metropolis. "Peace in Our time" will be engraved in the languages spoken in the NYC metropolitan area.