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Project Goals and Objectives

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River Route Smart Growth Thru Tourism

Working together with all stakeholders, it is the goal of MPD Project to make the Route 130 Corridor a tourism attraction that will not only be a worthy competitor to Philadelphia, but will also serve as a destination point for visitors and students from New York, and the Delaware Valley (Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey) as well as international tourists.

The River Route Edu-Tainment Complex components, which will be fully realized in phases, all share a common theme; the enrichment of the lives of people through interactive education, an appreciation for the natural environment, and an enhancement of the economies along the Route 130 Corridor.

Coalition Building

Demonstrate the benefits of forming coalitions comprised of multi-community groups such as the Route 130 Corridor Development committee combined with Federal, State, County Smart Growth & Economic Development Planners, Universities, Scientists, Educators, Financial Experts, Environmentalists, National Celebrities, and 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organizations, to jointly address the problems of distressed communities, for collectively our communities are the nation and world that we live in.

College/University Community Re-Investment

Other than philanthropist not many of us get to invest in the Colleges and Universities in our communities. In developing mixed use facilities i.e.-the conservatory and botanical garden, the community will be re-investing in community higher education institutions in that the facilities will serve as living labs for our Colleges/Universities, community training, centers of cultural development, and a showcase how well they work together.

Enhance Education Thru Informal Learning

Each project component will be designed to enrich the lives of people through interactive (virtual reality) education and experience. These projects will unlock the power of human intelligence, vanquish human limitations, and enhance human capabilities of everyone that comes in contact with the technology. In essence, each visitor (young and old; school children and college students; teachers & professors; tourists; etc) will receive an experience of a lifetime. Most people desire to experience some new level of cultural expression that arises out of virtual worlds but not presently commonly available. For example, they’d like to feel like they are inside the virtual world, and that world that is more vivid and fluid and detailed than what they see today on PlayStation games.

Our virtual world inside these components is one that visitors can change from the inside; a world that they can use as a form of expression, in which they're creating things together. Just as people make up their own Web pages, our systems would allow visitors to make up little realities and visit each other's realities, or co-create them. We believe that this level of activity would give rise to wonderful new sorts of human relationships and experiences and would enhance learning capabilities. We will utilize the Human Interface Technology Laboratory which has already been demonstrated to enhance education and expedite economic development in New Zealand by transitioning breakthrough interface technologies to industry.

Good Stewardship Awarness & National Media Coverage

As the project incorporates new Human Interface Technologies and sustainable design concept in all of its buildings and surroundings, it is anticipated to garner national attention immediately as it will be carefully studied by school administrators across the nation for possible practical application in their school systems; by economic development planners; and environmentalists.

There will additionally be the filming of a documentary on the project from inception to end. We will put the national spotlight on Palmyra and Burlington County. To achieve the stated goal, the project will rely and showcase the greatest resources that Palmyra and Burlington County has to offer. These include: the greatest economic mindsets; municipal and county government leaders that recognize the needs of its  communities and allows those communities to draw on their own people power; as well as a commitment by project personnel to achieving excellence for our communities. Underlying the project is  unwavering faith to our Creator, and maintaining His creation on all levels.

Economic Growth Of The River Route

Our goals and objectives are in line with the stated goals and objectives of the Route 130 Corridor Development committee, New Jersey Department of Smart Growth, United States Department of Commerce,  and indeed in line with educational, and economic development goals of each and every one of the communities that straddle the River Route.

Project Timeline

Project initiation: Fall 2010

Project completion: Late Spring 2012