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Other Traveling Exhibits:

AirPlay explores how objects move air and how moving air affects objects in its path.

Alien Earths explores the search for planets around distant stars and for life beyond Earth.

Body Carnival provides kinesthetic experiences that demonstrate the physics of how the body works.

Cool Moves! uses observation and movement to help visitors experience how science informs our understanding of motion.

Cosmic Questions is a powerful exploration of how astronomers are coming to understand age-old questions about our place in space and time.

Flip It, Fold It, Figure It Out! offers engaging activities with patterns, shapes, and sizes that entice visitors to "play with math".

Hear Here invites visitors to investigate the sounds around us as they listen with eyes and ears.

Invention at Play (3,500-square-foot version) invites visitors to create and play the way designers and scientists do.

Invention at Play (1,700-square-foot version) has many of the same components as the larger version, but is sized for smaller museums.

MarsQuest introduces tools scientists are using—and what they are finding out—in explorations of the Red Planet.

Solve It Central engages visitors in using memory, logic, and skill to solve everyday problems.

Tech City emphasizes hands-on activities and an engineering approach to resolving real-world needs of a modern city.

Team Up! explores the scientific principles that help athletes do their best.  

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