Edu-Tainment Complex

      New Jersey
U.S. EPA    


We Are Desirous Of  Having Dr. David Kargbo Coordinate Programs
Run By Various Nature & Environmental Organizations

Informal Learning

The Nature- Enviro Center will teach Students and visitors to care for and protect the land, water, and wildlife. they will learn that the survival of nature and wildlife is crucial and directly tied to the very exsistence of man. They will get  to learn about the role that plants play in medicine and health, as well as past, present and future hopes for cures to epidemics and  diseases that are now considered incurable. They will learn that the survival of a plant or wildlife species now may make  the difference in whether their children or great grandchildren survive an illness in the future. Exhibits and interactives will be tied to school & classroom cirriculums so that teacher can prepare kids in advance for the wonderful and educationally enriching experience that they will have at the Nature-Enviro Center.