Complex Details


1-1. Robson Conservatory & Botanical Gardens (Temple/Rutgers/BCC/EcoComplex/PSE&G/NJ DEP)

1-2. The Laser/Lighted Water Shows/Vapor Screen Movies/Landscape Lighting

1-3. The Life Form Caves

1-4. The Enviro Exhibit (Temple/Rutgers/BCC/EcoComplex/PSE&G/NJ DEP)

1-5. The Enviro & Conservation Research Institue (Temple/Rutgers/BCC/EcoComplex)

1-6. The Enviro & Conservation Consultation Services (Leased)

1-7. The Conservatory Education & Student Internship Program (Public Schools)

1-8. The Conservatory Entertainment (Wedding/Reception/Jazz Brunch)

1-9. The Conservatory Horticulture & Botanical Research Institute (BCC & Rutgers Universities)

1-10 The Conservatory Technology (Temple/Rutgers/BCC/EcoComplex/PSE&G/NJ DEP)

1-11 The Conservatory Senior Programs

1-12 The Conservatory Parks & Neighborhood Beautification Program


1-R. The Vine or Serengetti or Dark Continent Restaurant (Leased)


                FUTURETECH DOME

2-1. The Interactive Multimedia Broadcast Exhibit

2-2. The Columbia School of Broadcast

2-3. The Kids TV Station

2-4. The Kids Radio Station

2-5. FutureTech quadrant of the FutureTech Dome (Similar to Worlds Fair Exhibits)

2-6. The Arcade & Virtual Reality World (Leased)

2-7. The Lockheed Martin Space Place Exhibit

2-8. The Cosmology Institute

2-9. The Planetarium


2-R  The Universe or 4th Dimension or Outer Limits Restaurant (Leased)



2-O. The NJ National Guard Starbase Space Shuttle


                EVENT DOME

3-1. The Performing Arts Center

3-2. The Performing Arts Center Student Internship Program

3-3. The Charity Lounge & Waiting Room (Downtstairs form the Performing Arts Center)


3-R. Chateau Lazaroff Restaurant (Upscale 5 Star - Upstairs from the Performing Arts Center) (Leased)


                OUTSIDE OF EVENT DOME

3-O. The Peace Angel National Memorial to the 600,000+ kids slain by guns (Lin Evola - Famous Artist)


                COMMON AREAS

4-R. Common Corridor Fast Food Consession Stands (Leased)


5-1. Digital Sinage (Fred Ilardi & Panasonic)

6-1. The River Route (Name Opportunity) Conference Center

7-1. Various Souvenier Vendor Opportunities

8-1. Inside Complex Advertisement Opportunities

11-1.Hotel Interface Committee

12-1.Hospitality Training Institute